New Promotions. Congratulations, Students!

Congratulations! Several students passed their test and received their next rank!  Master Shoopman helped judge the tests in Dayton and in Springfield.

At Dominion Academy of Dayton, the following students moved up to their new rank:

Brianna Moore, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
James Roberts, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Mackenzie Moore, 9th kyu, yellow/white stripe
Steven Roberts, 9th kyu, yellow/white stripe
Michael Gordnier, 8th kyu, yellow
Aiden Scanlon, 7th kyu, orange/white stripe

In addition, two Dominion students were promoted in Okinawan Kobudo:

Joel Akers, 9th kyu
Michael Evanhoe, 9th kyu

Several Springfield students were also promoted:

Seth Harbaugh, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Andrew Holsinger, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Ben Holsinger, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Gabe Holsinger, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Julia Holsinger, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Trey Miller, 10th kyu, white/yellow stripe
Estan Sutter, 8th kyu, yellow
Aidan Sutter, 7th kyu, orange/white stripe
Chandler Downing, 6th kyu, orange
Sonya Downing, 6th kyu, orange
Jonah McGlaun, 6th kyu, orange
Daniel Stamey, 6th kyu, orange
Ian Sutter, 6th kyu, orange
Nate Doman, 5th kyu, green/white stripe

The following Springfield students also moved up in Okinawan Kobudo:

Jacob Davis, 10th kyu
Jonah McGlaun, 10th kyu
Aiden Sutter, 10th kyu
Estan Sutter, 10th kyu
Ian Sutter, 10th kyu
Kim Upton, 10th kyu
Sarah Upton, 10th kyu
Daniel Stamey, 9th kyu

Congratulations everyone!  You did a great job!  Your hard work and practice were evident!

Congratulations, Dominion Academy Promoted Students!

On Tuesday, October 11, five students from Dominion Academy tested for their next rank, impressing the judges with their determination and drive.  After watching the test, Master Shoopman remarked that these students are developing well in all areas:  technique, effort, and character.  Congratulations to the following students on a well-deserved promotion:

  • Mackenzie, 10th kyu, now wearing white with yellow stripe
  • Joel and Michael, 6th kyu, now orange belts
  • Will and Jaclyn, 4th kyu, now green belts

In addition, Joel and Michael earned 10th kyu in Okinawan Kobudo, and Will and Jaclyn earned 9th kyu.  These students demonstrated their skill with the bo staff.

Several other students are nearly ready for their next karate test.  Look for more promotions soon!

Sanchin Martial Arts Academy fall classes beginning soon!

Hey, everyone!

The fall semester classes are starting soon!

2011-2012 Class Schedule

Springfield Classes (held at the facility at Davis School of Martial Arts, 3430 W. National, Springfield, OH 45504)

Mondays, 4:00-5:30 pm            Karate, all levels

Mondays, 5:30-6:15 pm            Okinawan Kobudo (traditional weapons)

Dayton Classes (held through Dominion Academy of Dayton, 925 N. Main St., Dayton, OH 45405)

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 pm             Beginning Karate

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 pm             Intermediate/Advanced

All costs include testing fees and a uniform for new students.

To register for Springfield classes, please contact Mrs. Jeri Carson,  This program meets only once per week, and progression through rank is at a slower pace.  Fall semester starts September 12, 2011.

To register for Dayton classes, contact Dominion Academy,, 937-224-8555.  This is a full program, meeting twice per week, with regular progression through rank.  Fall semester starts August 30, 2011.